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Skin, Fur, and Coat Health Powder

Skin, Fur, and Coat Health Powder

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  • Skin Health
  • Shinny and Glossy Coat Maintenance
  • Easy to Give
  • Made in the USA
  • Dogs love it!

100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Maddie The Bulldog Skin, Fur, and Coat Powder is a superfood made from 100% Certified Organic coconuts and other clean herbs that can be consumed for internal benefits or be used to keep your dog feeling healthy, comfortable, and happy.

SOOTHING ANTI-ITCH SKIN CARE - The ingredients in this all natural blend relieves itching from flea bites and irritation from allergens and hot spots and also helps with dry skin, dandruff, and cracked paw troubles.

FOR A HEALTHY & SHINY COAT - Dog coats can become dull, tangled and fragile, but Maddie’s healthy powder helps. Maddie’s powder treats the coat with nourishment to restore shine and strength while also keeping it soft.

KEEPS THE BODY HEALTHY & STRONG - Coconut and the other herbs in our doctor created blend supports brain and digestive health while giving the immune system extra help for any puppy or adult dog feel great. Best of all, this healthy powder also keeps their breath fresh for oral hygiene support.

A PET SUPPLEMENT YOU CAN TRUST - Maddie The Bulldog understands how much your dog's health and wellness means to you, so this all natural blend was made with one goal in mind - to keep your dog as strong and comfortable as the love they share with you. Organic, non GMO, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil made in USA makes the skin and coat healthier and reduces allergies, increases nutrient absorption, aids with hot spots, wounds, dry itchy skin, helps to prevent and treat yeast and fungal infections, and is easy to give! Doctor created all natural blend and veterinarian approved. Made in the USA. Dogs love it!