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Coat, Fur, & Skin Maintenance Herbal Oil Blend

Coat, Fur, & Skin Maintenance Herbal Oil Blend

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  • Excellent as a supplement to your pet's healthy meals 
  • Great for Senior Dogs & Horses
  • Helps with mobility
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Skin, Fur, and Coat Care and Daily Maintenance

This doctor-formulated blend includes turmeric, which is known for helping with silky and glossy coat, fur, and healthy skin.

**Excellent for fur and coat improvement in senior dogs and horsesHorse & Dog

**Easy to give drops by putting on food, in water, or directly into your pet's mouth

**Veterinarian approved and doctor-created for pets

**Human quality ingredients, but made for pets

** SENIOR DOG & HORSE HELP with beneficial-for-digestion coconut.

**SKIN, FUR maintenance or to get a silky and glossy coat


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