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About Us

Maddie & Her Humans

Maddie is our inspiration and our logo. Maddie an English Bulldog made a significant impact on human lives including being her human's diabetic service dog. She graciously shared her beautiful smile, snuggles, and kisses. She was a prime example of how we should all be. Maddie inspired humans with her smile even in her most trying times of dealing with osteosarcoma (bone cancer). You might recognize Maddie she was the model and actress for a private university in Spokane, Washington. Maddie was seen on campus, local, regional, and national television stations for nearly 10 years. 

To properly celebrate Maddie's life we are continuing her legacy of making everyone smile and compassion. Sales of Maddie’s treats put us closer to an Annual Veterinarian Student Scholarship for a student specializing in canine cancer.

Maddie the Bulldog company is a veteran owned business. The mission is to create healthy treats, many based off old family recipes and some added natural ingredients that were Maddie's favorites. 

Maddie was constantly complimented on her healthy and soft fur, her secret was here Coconut treats. Maddie being a bulldog was subject to yeasty ears and bottom but eating her Blueberry treats were here beauty secret to clear skin. If Maddie had a bit of a tummy upset she would take her Pumpkin treats and soon feel great again and be back to her old tricks. Maddie had a very busy social schedule and sometimes she needed a little "pick-me-up" and her go to was her Peanut Butter treats. They helped her get through until her dinner.  The Anxiety treats were created for Maddie's little sister Sophie. Sophie has a high level of anxiety but by putting the Anxiety Soothing Sparkledust on her food or giving her an Extra Calming Anxiety Treat keeps her relaxed through any situation. Lots of Maddie's friends use her Anxiety treats for traveling, going to the vet, going to the groomer, or during times of loud noises (4th of July, Thunder storms).